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Navigating the world of test-prep doesn't have to be daunting. 


Invest in developing learning skills that last a lifetime. 

Score Pattern Analysis
& Study Plan Coaching
Test Prep Tutoring & College Admissions Guidance
Anxiety Management 
& Study Skills

Standardized tests are comprised of certain types of repeating question styles.


To see big improvements fast, students must identify challenge patterns and learn how to strategically target their studies. 

Click here to see a list of subjects available for online coaching. 

It's common for students to feel anxiety about exams.


Learning ways to actively manage anxiety can help improve scores and promote positive mental health habits. 



Years of Experience


Standardized Tests


Average SAT score increase


Average Composite ACT score increase



Students learn differently.


When students understand the ways they learn and study best,

they develop skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond.

Misunderstanding material is often due to a focus challenge

coming from students needing to receive the material in a different way.


A spark of excitement is often the difference

between rote memorization and true, conceptual understanding.

Let's talk about how we learn.



to Learn

People have different strengths when it comes to learning. 

Understanding what study methods work best for you allows you to encode information to long-term memory efficiently. 

Analyzing scores is essential to dynamically guiding study and maximizing improvement.

Test Prep Strategies




AP Tests

IB Exams

NY Regents


Private & Catholic School Entrance Exams:








English Grammar


Test-specific Tips

Creative Stories

Academic Essays

Research Papers

Works Cited &


Literary Analysis

College Application Essays

Outlining & Planning

Formatting & Style

Editing & Proofreading

Anxiety Management

Math anxiety?

Test-taking anxiety?

You're not alone. 

Learn test-taking skills

for working under

time pressure:

- goal-setting

- time-management

- study planning

& organization

- meditation & focus techniques 


"I was really happy with my work with Jessica because we went through all of the material in a very organized manner. I also really liked how she kept the notes from every session in order to identify common trends, which really helped me, especially as the test day approached. I also was given plenty of material and practice to do every week, and the culmination of learning new grammar and practicing helped me earn a better understanding of the latin language in general." 

— Ami G., Latin SAT Subject Test student

"It was very apparent from the first session that Jessica was not only intelligent but also able to quickly evaluate my son’s areas of strengths and weaknesses and devise a plan of action. My son's SHSAT score improved 21 points."

— Amanda H., parent of SHSAT student


"Hi, oh my freaking gosh I cannot thank you enough - just got my scores back. 97th percentile in verbal, 99th in reading, and 99th in math!"

 Emmy W., SSAT student

"Ellie loved Jessica! Seriously! She hung on her every word, learned much, and said the time passed seamlessly. This coming from someone who has trouble working for long periods of time! I think Jessica is a great match for Ellie. We are quite pleased!"
— Parent of Ellie P., a perfect-score ACT student

“Hi!! Just wanted to let you know I got a 1520 on my SAT. Thank you for your help and support!”
(one month later)
“Hi again! I got a 36 on my composite [ACT] score…!!!!!! Thank you so much again. I don’t think it’s sunken in yet.” 
— Sophie G., perfect score ACT student

"I wanted to thank you for your time with me these past few months starting from my first ACT. You really helped me with understanding the test and clarifying a lot of math I never took to in school. I learned a lot and am very glad I had you as my tutor!"
- Sam A., SAT student

"I loved Jessica! She was so nice, caring, funny, and really did everything she could to help me achieve my goals. My SAT scores have gone up significantly since starting to work with Jessica. She is always focused and a great tutor!
- Liana R., SAT student

"I am thrilled  that Mark got his reading score up so high. Am I nuts that I am feeling very optimistic about this?" 
- Tracy S., parent of SAT student 

"W O W. These are wonderful scores. She does NOT need to take the test again. She's a shoe-in for Masters."
- Stacy B., parent of ISEE student

"We wanted you to know Nina's test scores. We think they are quite good. And we want to thank you for working with and inspiring Nina. She really enjoyed working with you, and you gave her some wonderful tips. If we ever need your services again, we'll be in touch." 
- Sharon P, parent of ISEE student 

"Omg 34 in reading! You did a great job with and for her! Thank you!"
- Tessa O., parent of SAT student

Elementary & MIddle School Test dates


 2021: Jan 9, Feb 6, Mar 6, Apr 24, Jun 12*

*(no elementary level SSAT offered)


 2021: late October

(exact dates released by late summer)


2021: early November

(exact dates released by late summer)


2021: early November

(exact dates released by late summer)


2021: early December

(exact dates released by late summer)


Lower and Middle Levels 2021: offered 3x/year in fall, winter, and spring/summer seasons


high school

test dates


2021: Mar 13, May 8, Jun 5, Aug 28, Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4

2022: Mar 12, May 7, Jun 4, Aug 27, Oct 1, Nov 2, Dec 3


2021: Feb 6, Apr 17, Jun 12, Jul 17*, Sep 11, Oct 23, Dec 11

2022: Feb 5, Apr 9, Jun 11, Jul 16*

*(no test centers in NY)


2021: early/mid-October, exact date tbd

SAT 2 Subject Tests

2021, & 2022: see above SAT dates

*note that not all subject tests are offered on each test date

SSAT (Upper Level)

 2021: Jan 9, Feb 6, Mar 6, Apr 24, Jun 12

ISEE (Upper Level)

2021: offered 3x/year in fall, winter, and spring/summer seasons


checklist for hs juniors & seniors


- consider how your extracurricular activities will look to colleges

- talk with your counselor or a tutor about making a personalized plan for the next couple of years

- prep for and take the PSATSAT and ACT

- research colleges and plan visits

- draft material for college application essays

- consider applying for summer jobs or internships


- take the SAT and/or ACT

- take SAT II subject tests

- reach out with specific questions to colleges

- meet regularly with your guidance counselor 

- write your college essays

- fill out and submit college applications

- ask teachers for letters of recommendation

- apply for scholarships and financial aid




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