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Take your studies to the next level.

Navigating the world of test-prep doesn't have to be daunting. 

Studying for the digital SAT exam? 

We have two new study guides / workbooks available!


The LearnCurious Companion SAT prep books: 

   - Algebra Skills:

   - Verbal:


*These are our affiliate marketing links. As the author of the books and as Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. 

Upcoming release: The Geometry & Trigonometry LearnCurious Companion SAT Workbook. All you need to know to solve geo-trig questions on the digital SAT test. Coming in June! 


Invest in developing learning skills that last a lifetime. 

Score Pattern Analysis
& Study Plan Coaching
Test Prep Tutoring & College Admissions Guidance
Anxiety Management 
& Study Skills

Standardized tests are comprised of certain types of repeating question styles.


To see big improvements fast, students must identify challenge patterns and learn how to strategically target their studies. 

Click here to see a list of subjects available for online coaching. 

It's common for students to feel anxiety about exams.


Learning ways to actively manage anxiety can help improve scores and promote positive mental health habits. 


Years of Experience


Standardized Tests


Average SAT score increase


Average Composite ACT score increase

Our YouTube channel
just dropped!


test prep strategies
digital SAT vocab + quizzes
Desmos calculator tips
digital SAT algebra question walkthroughs
"week / day of the test" MUST-KNOW tips
& much, much more!


LearnCurious is happy to announce

the 5th annual

Phyliss J. McCarthy Scholarship


Excellence in Writing 

2024 Prompts: 

In 2000 words or fewer, respond to one of the following prompts: 

NARRATIVE: Do you remember the first time, or a specific time, you made someone laugh? OR do you remember a time someone made you laugh? Tell the story of what happened and its impact on you. 

META: Write a letter to your future self and detail a day in your life currently. Touch on what is most meaningful to you and what makes you feel the strongest emotions. 

WACKY: Complete the 12 Mad-Lib-style fill-in-the-blanks below, then craft a piece of poetry or prose that includes both a secret message* as well as each of your chosen words at least once (in no particular order):

  ___ (something inherited)       ___ (item seen in nature)       ___ (random word you like the sound of)
  ___ (type of weather)                ___ (specific texture)               ___ (color)
  ___ (type of body of water)      ___ (plant or animal)               ___ (specific scent or flavor)
  ___ (emotion)                             ___ (something you love)        ___ (a memento or talisman)

*Note: You may choose to include your secret message (or a hint to it)

in the 'Anything you'd like to add?' box in the submission form below. Or not.




Students learn differently.


When students understand the ways they learn and study best,

they develop skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond.

Misunderstanding material is often due to a focus challenge

coming from students needing to receive the material in a different way.


A spark of excitement is often the difference

between rote memorization and true, conceptual understanding.

Let's talk about how we learn.



to Learn

People have different strengths when it comes to learning. 

Understanding what study methods work best for you allows you to encode information to long-term memory efficiently. 

Analyzing scores is essential to dynamically guiding study and maximizing improvement.

Test Prep Strategies

SAT (digital)

ACT (paper-based &  digital)

PSAT (digital)


AP Tests

IB Exams

NY Regents


Private & Catholic School Entrance Exams:








English Grammar


College Application Essays

Test-specific Tips

Academic Essays

Research Papers

Works Cited Pages &


Literary Analysis

Outlining & Planning

Formatting & Style

Editing & Proofreading

Creative Stories

Anxiety Management

Math anxiety?

Test-taking anxiety?

You're not alone. 

Learn test-taking skills

for working under

time pressure:

- goal-setting

- time-management

- study planning

& organization

- meditation & focus techniques 

Elementary & MIddle School Test dates

Jan, Feb, April, June, & July

Home-based SSAT testing is now available on select other dates: 

 2024: late October
(exact dates released by late summer)

2024: early November
(exact dates released by late summer)

2024: early November
(exact dates released by late summer)

2024: early December
(exact dates released by late summer)

Lower and Middle Levels 2024: offered 3x/year in fall, winter, and spring/summer seasons



high school

test dates

2024: Mar 9, May 4, Jun 1, Aug 24,
Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7

2024: Apr 13, Jun 8, Jul 13*, Sep TBD, Oct TBD, Dec TBD
*exam not offered in NY 

2024: early/mid-October,
exact date tbd

SSAT (Upper Level)
 2024: June* & July*
*Home-based SSAT testing is now available on select other dates.  

ISEE (Upper Level)
2024: offered 3x/year in fall, winter, and spring/summer seasons -- application required for exact dates

taking the digital sat standing ad.png


checklist for hs juniors & seniors


- consider how your extracurricular activities will look to colleges

- talk with your counselor or a tutor about making a personalized plan for the next couple of years

- prep for and take the PSATSAT and ACT

- research colleges and plan visits
- draft material for college application essays

- consider applying for summer jobs or internships


- take the SAT and/or ACT

- take SAT II subject tests

- reach out with specific questions to colleges

- meet regularly with your guidance counselor 

- write your college essays

- fill out and submit college applications

- ask teachers for letters of recommendation

- apply for scholarships and financial aid

Test Dates



Thanks for reaching out!

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