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 lev- comes from a Latin word meaning light (in weight), levis 

 -ity as a suffix creates a noun & means a state of 

 root + suffix = light + a state of 

 = lightness; lack of gravity ✓ 

 Part of speech: 





 Sample usage: 

 When it's appropriate, levity is often welcome in essays. Many readers can relate to a piece of writing more when humor is used. 



Application Organization: - the application most colleges accept - regional SAT/ACT score comparison - app info portal for college admissions requirements and submission progress

Essays & Personal Statements: 


Brainstorming Exercise by (downloadable PDF)

Test Prep Strategies

Quick Daily Practice: - AP test prep & - flash card deck builders & review games - AP, SAT, & PSAT prep & downloadable full practice tests - philanthropic multi-subject game site - subject-specific video tutorials



College Panda SAT/ACT Math books by Nielsen Phu - available on Amazon - downloadable SAT ACT tutoring worksheets & guides - free, interactice, infinite whiteboard space - test prep tutoring online - solves algebra & calculus problems

The Numberphile Podcast - for anyone who likes listening & learning about math



English grammar, punctuation, & style:

College Panda's Guide To SAT Writing by Nielsen Phu - comprehensive review book that also works to prep for the ACT & - powerful, free copy/paste text editors - free Office software suite similar to Word, Excel, etc.

"Must-Know Punctuation Rules" by Jessica Robinson - blog post complete with grammar memes and optional test prep tutoring online

Reading Comprehension:

The Complete Guide to SAT Reading by Erica L  Meltzer - practice passages, questions, & strategy info

- free online library - learn to read faster with no inner voice

Personal Development

Accountability & Habit-Formation:,, &, - commitment assistant apps - sleep app that helps you wake up refreshed 

Anxiety: - never lose documents again


Musical Intelligence: - online composition app - teach yourself guitar

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