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for her! Thank you!"
- Tessa O., parent of SAT student


"I was really happy with my work with Jessica because we went through all of the material in a very organized manner. I also really liked how she kept the notes from every session in order to identify common trends, which really helped me, especially as the test day approached. I also was given plenty of material and practice to do every week, and the culmination of learning new grammar and practicing helped me earn a better understanding of the latin language in general." 

— Ami G., Latin SAT Subject Test student

"It was very apparent from the first session that Jessica was not only intelligent but also able to quickly evaluate my son’s areas of strengths and weaknesses and devise a plan of action. My son's SHSAT score improved 21 points."

— Amanda H., parent of SHSAT student


"Hi, oh my freaking gosh I cannot thank you enough - just got my scores back. 97th percentile in verbal, 99th in reading, and 99th in math!"

 Emmy W., SSAT student

"Ellie loved Jessica! Seriously! She hung on her every word, learned much, and said the time passed seamlessly. This coming from someone who has trouble working for long periods of time! I think Jessica is a great match for Ellie. We are quite pleased!"
— Parent of Ellie P., a perfect-score ACT student

“Hi!! Just wanted to let you know I got a 1520 on my SAT. Thank you for your help and support!”
(one month later)
“Hi again! I got a 36 on my composite [ACT] score…!!!!!! Thank you so much again. I don’t think it’s sunken in yet.” 
— Sophie G., perfect score ACT student

"I wanted to thank you for your time with me these past few months starting from my first ACT. You really helped me with understanding the test and clarifying a lot of math I never took to in school. I learned a lot and am very glad I had you as my tutor!"
- Sam A., SAT student

"I loved Jessica! She was so nice, caring, funny, and really did everything she could to help me achieve my goals. My SAT scores have gone up significantly since starting to work with Jessica. She is always focused and a great tutor!
- Liana R., SAT student

"I am thrilled  that Mark got his reading score up so high. Am I nuts that I am feeling very optimistic about this?" 
- Tracy S., parent of SAT student 

"W O W. These are wonderful scores. She does NOT need to take the test again. She's a shoe-in for Masters."
- Stacy B., parent of ISEE student

"We wanted you to know Nina's test scores. We think they are quite good. And we want to thank you for working with and inspiring Nina. She really enjoyed working with you, and you gave her some wonderful tips. If we ever need your services again, we'll be in touch." 
- Sharon P, parent of ISEE student 

"Omg 34 in reading! You did a great job with and for her! Thank you!"
- Tessa O., parent of SAT student


 lev- comes from a Latin word meaning light (in weight), levis 

 -ity as a suffix creates a noun & means a state of 

 root + suffix = light + a state of 

 = lightness; lack of gravity ✓ 

 Part of speech: 





 Sample usage: 

 When it's appropriate, levity is often welcome in essays. Many readers can relate to a piece of writing more when humor is used. 

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